eSTEP is proud to be the only authorized PreACT Center in Indonesia.


What is the PreACT:

The PreACT is different  then most diagnostics tests because it serves as a way for students to see direct score predictions based on the same scale and content as the regular ACT® test. It is a multiple choice test, yet we ask you more in-depth questions about your future plans in college and career goals.


Why take the PreACT ?

The PreACT will better predict your ACT® and indicate what areas you need to focus on more to achieve your ultimate score. Early Indication of progress and ideas for improvement. You will get your estimated ACT® test score which will also indicate your college and career readiness. Our comprehensive report will include date to help you target any academic intervention needed to improve your score and grades.

The report will include information about your interests that you and eSTEP can use to better advise you on your college selection and success in what you choose.

The sophisticated data generated will help guide the actions plans for your success In high school courses and on the ACT® itself. You will also receive a personalized view of college and career possibilities which will put you ahead of the game for your academic planning.

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What the Research Says About PreACT

Schools that adopted the PreACT improved more on the ACT® test than schools that didn’t.

The PreACT test provides students with practice for the ACT® test and measures of progress towards college readiness. School wide adoption of the PreACT improves ACT® test scores, interest-major fit, and college score-sending behavior.


PreACT Efficacy Report 2018


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