Paid high school internships and gigs for engineers, computer geeks, shark tank freaks, and other!

High schoolers are landing paid internships of upto $50/hr at top startups out of Y-Combinator, Techstars, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon. International students, it’s about time this happened, join in today!

LEGIT industry experience.
Work as a real employee alongside seasoned engineers and experts at top startups in the world

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Find paid work opportunities throughout the year that you can balance alongside school-work

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Work at top-tier startups and put yourself leagues ahead of the rest.

The Prime high school community
Be part of a coveted community of the smartest high schoolers across 20 countries on the planet


How It Works

Fill out our candidate profile here to apply. Or Contact us at internships@estep.asia for more information. It’s simple!



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