The Journey:

  • The Initial Consultation
    Students begin their journey by attending the first in-depth initial consultation along with their parent(s) to make an initial assessment and begin a discussion about potential schools.
  • Initial Assessment
    eSTEP counselors gather initial information and comprehensively evaluate student’s academic and extracurricular records and make recommendations based on their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identifying Needs                                                                                                                                                                                            Identifying appropriate target, reach and safety schools and preparing a final list of schools based on the criteria most important to the student

Strategic admission preparation

  • Establish a detailed work plan to ensure that all applications and supporting materials are completed well ahead of deadlines
  • Strategic guidance through the Early Decision/ Early Action decision-making process
  • 12 Hour of Test preparation and 4 Hour comprehensive diagnostic test
  • Preparation of a concise, clear resume/portfolio to highlight your strengths and accomplishments
  • 10 Hour contact hour with our essay specialist in preparation with all essays, personal statements, and applications including topic development
  • Suggestions to identify the best people from whom to request letters of recommendation
  • Mock interviews in preparation for on-campus and alumni interviews with actual questions asked at top-tier schools if needed

Post Admission Process:

  • Guidance if deferred or waitlisted to maximize your chances of acceptance


  • Have unlimited access to your dedicated coach throughout the admissions process
  • Have access to three qualified and certified college counselors. This includes an admissions specialist, an essay specialist, and a personal mentor.
  • Creation of a personal student portal which will include tools, valuable information and all information gathered for your application process.
  • Receive guidance on miscellaneous items that might be student specific like performing arts portfolios or athletes and NCAA eligibility
  • Access to our resources