You’ve been admitted to college and now you are ready to find academic and social success on an American campus.  US colleges can be challenging, and we want to make sure that your child is well prepared for his/her first two years in college.


According to the Journal of International Students, international students tend to suffer with:

  • US university teaching methods
  • cultural changes
  • expectations for English language writing proficiency
  • social norms and
  • just getting plain homesick


eSTEP has devised a program to make sure your child (ren) has all the support necessary to be successful in their first two years of college.  Here is how we do it:

  • Frequent phone/Skype/WhatsApp to your student to monitor their academic and social progress.
  • Encouragement and know how to join campus clubs – a healthy social life is key to academic long-term success.
  • Pre-application support with frequent communication with college counselors and international program officers on behalf of your student.
  • Midterm and final term grade analysis to see where your student stands and where they can improve.
  • Edit papers, essays and other writing materials that may need another “look.”
  • Review applications if students want to apply for off-campus work or internships.
  • Intervention for any issues that the student may have at school where they need advice.
  • Emergency visits are available at the parent’s request. Additional expenses do apply

Our US-based counselors have over eight years of experience providing these same services to students from around Asia and have developed a network of approximately 50 US-university partners that gladly welcome Indonesian students to campus.


Contact our Student Advisor for more detail on this program.